Terms and conditions

This contract between J. M. Cunha - Trade Cars, Ltd that mentioned below will only be assigned to JMC and the customer, it must take full knowledge and consent to the following terms.

State of the vehicle and its return
A. The customer declares that the rented car is in good mechanical and bodywork, with no apparent defects than those mentioned in the check-out document and it is their obligation to return it in the same conditions as received.

Terms of use
B. The client undertakes to ensure the vehicle, correctly, without practicing damages of any kind.
B1. The customer must use the proper fuel as well as all existing security devices in the vehicle.
B2. It is forbidden the customer to use the vehicle under the following conditions:
B3. Transporting cargo or passenger for consideration;
B4. To tow and / or drive any vehicle or other object;
B5. Participate in competitions with the vehicle, either of any kind;
B6. When the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance that reduces its capacity;
B7. Violation of traffic rules;
B8 is forbidden to travel outside the island of São Miguel (Azores) and outside the borders of Portugal without the express permission of J.M.C .;
B9. It is forbidden to give or lend the vehicle to third parties not included in the rental agreement.

Customer responsibilities and burdens
C. Pay the rent according to the tariffs in force, extra charges, circulation supplements, the misuse of fuel costs, costs of replacement of damaged tires as well as accidental holes, expenses with fines and / or toll passes, costs of the vehicle immobilization or costs when apprehended by the police on illegal due to transport of goods.
C1. All fines, judicial or extra-judicial costs, traffic violations or any other kind of violation of the law charged the car will be the customer's responsibility during the time of validity of this contract.
C2. The customer will be responsible for all court costs, attorneys' fees, to achieve the payment of any amount of this contract, which is due;
C3. The customer shall be liable to J.M.C. after complaint of the latter, by way of costs and / or losses, without limitation, repair, trailers, the car collection and loss of profits. Filmography
C4. The theft and total loss of the vehicle;
C5. The client may limit its liability by subscribing additional insurance provided by J.M.C;
C6. If there is violation in the use of cars in the C5 point, the responsibility is always the customer;
C7. The customer declares that acknowledges and authorizes the JMC to charge all expenses charges of this contract in the account associated with your credit card;
C8. costs and damages will be included as may be observed in the vehicle by the JMC in the 30 days following the end of the rental agreement and arising from the use of the vehicle by the customer.
C9. The JMC reserves the right to charge 30 € for the supply service + amount of fuel supplied at the current price if the deposit is not delivered in the same way that the check-out.
C10. JMC reserves the right to charge 25 € (incl. VAT) if the vehicle is not in conditions of hygiene and cleanliness similar to Check-In.
C11. JMC reserves the right to charge 75 € (VAT excl.) If passengers have not fulfilled the obligation to 'No Smoking' inside the car.

D1. In case of accident the JMC shall not be liable for death, permanent disability, injury and / or property, caused to the customer or passenger.
D2. The customer may purchase additional insurance, thus reduced his responsibility.
D3. Upon theft or accident in the car, the customer must immediately notify the authorities after occurrence.
D4. Failure to comply with the obligations of this contract will be the customer's responsibility.
D5. To purchase insurance BASIC, SILVER or GOLD, they do not cover tires, vehicle interior and the bottom and negligent acts. In these cases the customer will be responsible for payment of all damages checked at check-out.

E. The minimum age of the driver is 18 years, according to Portuguese law. May apply additional fees for young drivers who do not have at least 2 years of experience or 25 years old.
E1. The JMC shall not be liable to the customer or passenger for loss or damage to property and personal property inside the vehicle either during the term or the term of the lease.
E2. This contract is in accordance with Portuguese law, both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Ponta Delgada - São Miguel.