At Autocunha Car Rental you can rent your car online quickly and without complications through our website or through our alternative phones.
Online car rental even if you don’t have a credit card.
Autocunha delivers and collects vehicles in less than 30 minutes at the main reservation points, namely at hotels and at Porto and Ponta Delgada airports.
When renting a car online with Autocunha, child seats, updated navigation devices and additional insurance are available to reduce the security deposit. Everything just a click away. Rent now!
At Autocunha Car Rental you can rent your car at the best price. We want our customers to have the best experience at the best price on the market.
We are a Trusted Brand in Online Car Rental. Market leaders since 2007, Autocunha Car Rental provides an excellent service with regard to car and motorcycle rental.


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    10 July, 2017
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    30 November, 2018
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    15 October, 2017
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    20 August, 2018
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    25 October, 2018

Full-Full Policy

At Autocunha Car Rental you receive the full deposit and must leave it in the same way. Hassle free.

Fast Check-In

Your check-in with us is quite quick at the airport terminals or at another location you define. No paperwork and no complications.

Don't forget the toll device

In mainland Portugal there is a need to use a toll device for roads called “ex-SCUTS”. Do not forget to add in your rental to avoid additional costs.

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